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Learning Outcomes

Upon successful completion of this program, graduates will be able to:

  • Identify employers’ top challenges and share various tactics to support them in addressing these challenges.
  • Understand the employers’ context and think creatively about how to support their success
  • Discuss and develop concrete methods career offices can apply to better support employers’ diversity recruitment efforts.
  • Identify strategies for sourcing employer leads and identifying business development opportunities.
  • View the “selling” aspects of employer relations as an opportunity to become a trusted advisor and help clients solve key challenges.
  • Examine various techniques for nurturing and building stronger relationships with employer partners.
  • Collaborate with employer relations professionals to co-create high-impact employer events, practice consultative conversations, and share value-add practices for engaging employers.
  • Acquire the tools to help employer partners build a solid business case for student hiring.
  • Measure their performance against key success factors and create an action plan to improve employer relations on campus.
  • Understand the three key elements to building stronger relationships with employer partners and the value of a consultative approach.

Congratulations to the graduates of the Employer Engagement Academy!

Class of 2023

(course completed May 2023)

Name Organization
Anne Lech McMaster University
Benjamin Sawka Université de Hearst
Beverly Lewis-Hunte Insurance Institute of Canada
Bhavna Kher Toronto Metropolitan University
Bill Matthews MacEwan University
Camille Bacaksizlar Durham College
Catherine Balcerzak-Wimmer University of Waterloo
Cheryl Wang NorQuest College
Colleen Slade University of Saskatchewan
Delnaz Khorshidchehr York University
Ellen Redlick University of Saskatchewan
Fiona Price University of Saskatchewan
Jocelyn Loi Simon Fraser University
Joey Post Southern Alberta Institute of Technology
Jolie Chan York University
Kazi Kabir University of Toronto Scarborough
Kelleen Schonfeldt Cambrian College
Kieran Lynch Toronto Metropolitan University
Koli Agbing Calgary Economic Development
Kristen DeMone Lethbridge College
Lilith Wyatt Queen's University
Linda Moss University of Toronto Scarborough
Lucas Maliniak Calgary Economic Development
Marie St. Antoine Calgary Economic Development
Megan Kinal Calgary Economic Development
Metta Pusa University of Alberta
Miruna Timotin University of New Brunswick
Nia MacFarlane Dalhousie University
Nihal Amin Calgary Economic Development
Norman Umali Red River College Polytechnic
Oscar Chavez Southern Alberta Institute of Technology
Pam Khinda Vancouver Community College
Papa Ibrahima Coulibaly Université de Hearst
Paulina Sinclair-Fortin Dalhousie University
Rachel Sisson University of Alberta
Sabrina Rocca Lambton College
Sarah Goody University of Guelph
Sean Leeson Southern Alberta Institute of Technology
Shanzey Ahmed University of Toronto Mississauga
Simone Lammers Brock University
Sonia Duquette Université de Sherbrooke

Class of 2022

(course completed May 2022)

Name Organization
Adam Pepler McMaster University
Alesia Dane Brock University
Andrew Woods Yorkville University
Anna Kuziakina Capilano University
Brenden Johnston Vancouver Island University
Brett Wismer Georgian College
Briar Robertson Georgian College
Carlos Davalos Douglas College
Golnaz Golnaraghi Accelerate Her Future
Heidi Luz Centennial College
Janelle Martel University of Manitoba
Jarrie Burns St. Lawrence College
JoAnne Metcalfe Queen's University
Jodi Derrick Georgian College of Applied Arts and Technology
Karla Perez McGill
Keri Long McMaster University
Kristin Robinson Queen's University
Kristin Vandegriend Vancouver Community College
Leesa McLeish-Diaz University of Toronto Scarborough
Lina Sehgal Vancouver Community College
Lori Baker Dalhousie University
Megan Donohue McMaster University
Melissa Prospero Queen's College / Lambton College in Mississauga
Nadira Al-Nasleh Dalhousie University
Prasad Jayasekera Seneca College
Richard Dam McMaster University
Tharsheka Natkunam Seneca College
Vanessa Hayward McMaster University

Inaugural Class of 2021

(course completed December 2021)

Name Organization
Aaron Ginn Dalhousie University
Adam Penney Algonquin College
Akanksha Thakur Simon Fraser University
Alain Boudreau University of Ottawa
Aleen Cuaycong University of Toronto
Alison Badali University of Victoria
Alison Kuepper University of Toronto Scarborough
Amine Manceur University of Ottawa
Ana Kulis University of Toronto
Angela DeMeo Niagara College Canada
Angela Tran University of Toronto Scarborough
Anisa Diljohn Maraj University of Toronto, Scarborough
Annie Sun University of Toronto
April Forbes University of Toronto Mississauga
Barbara Seredick University of British Columbia
Basak Mahony University of Toronto Scarborough
Beverley Stevens Seneca College
Bobbi Truelove Algonquin College
Bob Eichvald York University
Cam Collins Carleton University
Carmen Burke Saint Mary's University
Caroline Hannah University of Ottawa
Cat McCormick University of Toronto
Celia Johnston Concordia University, John Molson School of Business
Chantal Yelle University of Ottawa
Charmaine Johnson Seneca College
Chau Hoang University of Alberta
Chris Magos Seneca College
Cindy Bustamante NAIT- Northern Applied Institute of Technology
Claire He Dalhousie University
Dana Golding Sheridan College
Danielle Kimmerly University of Toronto
Danielle Wolf University of Calgary (Calgary, AB)
Dan Manns McMaster University
Dawn Sheldon The University of British Columbia, Okanagan
Dimitra Tsalpouris University of Toronto Mississauga
Doug Spencer Telfer School of Management, University of Ottawa
Drew Atamanuk Seneca College
Estella Shin University of Toronto
Fahimeh Ehsani York University
Gabriel Jacobs McMaster University
Gabriella Swanson Saint Mary's University
Garry Curnew University of Toronto
Gillian Alexander-Nelson Carleton University
Greg Davidson Niagara College Canada
Hana El Kaissi Seneca College
Holly Tarrison-Gaskin Carleton University
Iana Dokuchaeva Capilano University
James Tomasson University of Calgary
Jamie Noakes Thompson Rivers University
Jamie Snow University of British Columbia, Okanagan
Jason John University of Toronto Mississauga
Jazz Dev Ryerson University
Jeff Chamberlain University of Waterloo
Jelena Vulic University of Toronto Mississauga
Jen Warren Carleton University
Jenny Park NorQuest College
Jerani Sivayogan Telfer School of Management, University of Ottawa
Jesse Gardner Carleton University
Jessica Hunter University of Toronto Scarborough
Joanna Ying-Fiss University of Toronto, Scarborough
Johanna Beneteau University of Windsor
Julie Stuart Niagara College Canada
Juliet Kaye Seneca College
Julie Witt University of Toronto Scarborough
Justin Manning University of Toronto
Kaili Xu University of Calgary
Karen Kedrosky Carleton University
Karen Trivers University of Prince Edward Island
Kate Epp University of Toronto
Katie Derksen University of Manitoba
Kevin Easey Carleton University
Kim Eldridge Lambton College
Krissi Ewing University of Prince Edward Island
Krista Lonergan Seneca College
Kristina Stewart University of Victoria
Kyle Walker Lambton College
Leanna Monardo Seneca College
Lee Iverson MacEwan University
Leslie Rouatt University of Toronto Scarborough
Loretta Gilbert Seneca College
Louise Anne Côté Concordia University, John Molson School of Business
Luca Sirianni Seneca College
Lynette Johnson Carleton University
Marcia MacInnis Saint Mary's University
Margie Casallas Artunduaga University of Toronto Scarborough
Marlyn De Los Reyes University of Toronto
Mary Saith Seneca College
Matt Wheatley Algonquin College
Mawuena Torkornoo Carleton University
Melanie Wyndowe McMaster University
Melissa Deneault Conestoga College
Melissa Plouffe University of Waterloo
Melissa Siah University of Toronto
Michael Richards St. Lawrence College
Mika Blundell Bow Valley College
Natalie Hui University of Toronto Scarborough
Natalie Khan University of Toronto Scarborough
Nichola Johnson-Young McMaster University
Nicholas Jewitt Queen's University
Nicole Drexler University of Guelph
Orphtee Quarcoo Seneca College
Panna Chauhan University of Toronto
Paula Verholen The University of British Columbia Okanagan
Paul Mombourquette Dalhousie University
Rachel Jones McMaster University
Ramona Garrett Seneca College
Richard Lue Seneca College
Robin Kotisa University of Toronto
Robyn Booth University of Victoria
Roderic Southwell Seneca College
Ryan DeSouza Brock University
Ryck Marciniak University of Waterloo
Saddaf Syed University of Toronto Scarborough
Samantha Fracassa Seneca College
Sandy Mackay University of New Brunswick
Sarah Namer University of Toronto
Shah Sotodeh University of Toronto
Shanthini Jeyakumar York University
Sherri Tryon Conestoga College
Siobhan Flanagan Dell University of Toronto Scarborough
Surina Sohal York University
Susan Ajersch McGill Universtity
Talita Gavrilescu Seneca College
Tara Coulter University of Victoria
Teresa Lee Conestoga College
Tianni Song University of Calgary
Tracy McArthur University of Saskatchewan
Tracy Rogers Seneca College
Travis Flieler Carleton University
Vanisa Dimitrova University of Toronto Mississauga
Venessa Magny Brock University
Zahra Hirji Seneca College